STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 16

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 16

When I awake and go to see Cardyan again he’s back in reality. He explains, without asking for any booze, that he worked at a lab nearby that developed the weapon in my hands. He says he could make power-cells for it with electrical artifacts or pieces thereof and offers to do that for me should I need it. He also gives me a pass-card to access the lab which is under the Iron Forest.

It seems that this is what the helicopters were here for. To retrieve that weapon and take it out of the Zone for further research and development. I take the passcard from Cardyan, who says that he can fix the rail-gun but he needs calibration tools. I thought that would be the case and since I’ve scoured Zaton and the area around Jupiter, the only place left is in Pripyat.

Since I’m in Zaton I head to the Iron Forest and look for an underground entrance or stair or something. In a small shed at the back of the lot I find it and a heavy door with access control panel. The card slots in and the door opens. A blowout starts as if I cued it by slotting the card. Even underground it is very disturbing. Instead of rushing into this lab I wait out the blowout at the door.


There’s a stairwell around a lift shaft but it is blocked by a locked gate. I try to shoot out he lock but only threaten my own life with ricochets. I really thought the armour piercing rounds I had would do the job.


I creep into the lab suddenly alert. I hear shuffling and moaning and there’s zombies in there. I guess they found passcards of their own and then became zombies in here. That puts me on greater alert because a controller is likely in here, too. Some of the zombies are in exo but all of them have their helmets off. Tide does its job.


I find an old control board and whilst I’m looking at it there’s a massive thumping sound from what looks like a rail workshop outside the grill and below. Peeping down there I see a massive form with little vestigial legs sticking out of its rear-end, like odd tails.


I’ve hard Stalkers talk of these things called psuedo-giants. They are meant to have telekinetic powers and be very aggressive. I take a shot but mess it up because of the mesh. That alerts the thing and I feel the whole place shaking. Then I realise the equipment and the dust is not moving at all. Perhaps the pseudo-giant is using some psi-powers?

It takes a long time for the creature to settle down. I creep down to the same level it is on and prepare my magazines for the assault rifle. My first attack is a grenade. It barely seems to injure the creature. The psuedo-giant comes stomping around towards me and I unload a full magazine into it. Still it is barely injured. Another grenade. It seems to know what they are now and it stomps away. After the grenade detonates the psuedo-giant comes back and I unload another magazine at it. It stomps one foot and a force streaks at me kicking up dust, then knocking me backwards. I run for cover. This becomes a cycle: I shoot, throw grenades, then hide when it raises a foot to stomp that force at me. My assault rifle is very hot and smoking when the psuedo-giant finally dies.


I look around the lab, still concerned there may be a controller in here. At the far end I see what looks like the rail-gun but upscaled to the size of a field artillery piece.


There’s a mounted sheet of steel about 200mm thick and a neat hole in it directly in line with the cannon at the other end.


I can’t see a way into the room that holds the cannon-sized railgun. I look around and there’s a ladder leading up and some air-ducts that do lead into the room. I make my through and into the railgun cannon thing’s room.



It’s an impressive looking weapon.


I find documentation about the development and figure maybe Cardyan can help translate the technicalities. With this in mind I leave the lab and go back to the Skadovsk.

STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 16

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