STALKER Call of Pripyat Journal Entry 17 (Final)

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Journal Entry 17

I leave the Skadovsk and head back to the dock cranes. It draws me for a reason I can’t identify. As I close on the cranes I hear some activity and some automatic fire. Quickly I climb and get a vantage point on one of the cranes.


A small group of stalkers is fighting off a pack of psuedodogs and a Chimaera. I lend support with Tide best as I can, trying not to hit any of the stalkers. I take out the pseudodogs and there’s one stalker left. The chimaera hits him before I can shoot it.


He falls. I feel terrible. I kill the chimaera but it seems like a token selfish effort. So I climb down the ladder and loot the bodies. I sell everything at Skadovsk then hire Pilot to take me to Garry at  Yanov, who will take me to Pripyat. 4000ru later and 3 hours: Pripyat. The Captain needs me to do more running around after him. Find lost soldiers, find more lost soldiers, find a lost lab. I hide in a basement during an emission.


After I come out I realise when I’m staring at the leaping flames of an anomaly that I’ve been in four more battles. It must be post-traumatic stress disorder: PTSD.

 ss_eldinor_03-31-10_10-52-10_(pripyat) ss_eldinor_03-31-10_10-54-02_(pripyat)

I keep wandering Pripyat and head into an apartment building. It is meant to contain a clue about these X-labs. The building is full of zombies and when I get to the higher floors there’s Monolith fighters everywhere. There must be a connection.


The elevator is meant to lead to the basement. I see some power still here and don’t start thinking about it. Might make my mental state worse.


It looks little better than a rusty lump of casing. I head back downstairs and see a dead man in a green environment suit: like the one I helped Solokov acquire from the scientists back near Yanov.


He has some necessary bits and I get the elevator machinery working. The stink of ozone is strong and I make my way down to the lab. It is horrible. Wet, smelly, and lots of nasty hostile creatures. Again I’m so scared and caught up in staying alive that I take no pictures. There was a good little model of the reactor, in there. When I get back to the Captain he wants me to investigate a kindergarten where more of his soldiers went missing but I see Garry slugging down vodka so I talk to him.


Mercenaries in the complex just nearby. I rush over to see if I can catch them. Nothing. For hours I wait and nothing happens. I head back to see the Captain and his missing men, find them dead, again mission. I do it just so I don’t have to look at him any more. Sending these boys out to die and for no appreciable gain. I hate him right now and want to shoot his smarmy face. So I do his mission instead.


It’s dark and I feel psi-activity. The soldiers that are meant to be here are dead. I can’t tell what killed them but one of them has some demolition charges which I acquire and use one to enter the kindergarten. Now that I’ve got my exo armour I’m quite confident of surviving just about any encounter but I put the Moonlight in my artifact container and the throbbing in my brain fades away to just colour distortion.


Monolith are in here and I fight my way to what I can best describe as an antenna. It is the source of the psi-effects. I reach for a charge to destroy it. I used it to get into the building. I throw grenades into it until it stops. Almost instantly I hear banging from below. I investigate and find the medic has locked himself in an oven or fridge. I’m so frayed I almost shoot him dead where he stands but he’s coherent enough to make it back to the laundromat.


I sleep before talking to the Captain. There’s some radio-signals that are moving about. He wants me to track them down thinking they are monolith. After being attacked by blood-suckers, those nasty little rat-mutants, and a burer we realise that the signal is coming towards the laundromat: underground. We form up and make ready to fight to our deaths but a lone stalker approaches. His name is Strelok and it gives me goose-shivers to hear it. The legendary stalker who turned off the brain-scorcher and found the wish-generator.


He says he can help the OSS figure out the zone and get the helicopters to land safely. Based on this information the Captain and his remaining men can be evacuated and I can complete my mission. A blowout occurs and we will have an opportunity to leave as soon as the blowout is over.


The Captain paces about. I fidget walking from the windows, to Strelok, to the Captain and back again. We’re all set to go. This blowout seems to take so long: three times as long as any other. Then it stops. We form up and head out into Pripyat. The landing zone is to be up near the Prometheus Theatre: right in the heart of Monolith country. I can’t believe it. There’s a good piece of vacant land near river front but north of the hospital. I see a sign that takes my fancy in amongst all of this.


We fight our way past Zombies, Monolith, creatures and a controller that makes the medic just stop. The Captain won’t go on without him so I have to go back for him. I’m tempted to put a bullet in the medic because he keeps shooting at Strelok. Strelok has been superb so far. Keeping us alive. Finally the medic comes with me and we clear the technical school grounds.

More Monolith, many more. The fighting is furious. They are using armour-piercing rounds and my exo armour is severely damaged. Strelok is killed. The Captain is killed. The medic is killed. I’m pinned down in the square outside the theatre and the helicopters are about to take off. I have to run now or I’ll never make it anyway…

[That is the final entry of my STALKER Call of Pripyat Journal. If you want to find out what happened after that, leave a comment.]

STALKER Call of Pripyat Journal Entry 17 (Final)

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