Sketching Progress (2 June 2010)

I’ve been sketching whilst on leave and have been quite happy with the results. After doing a very short “blind” drawing exercise it seemed to “unlock” some drawing talent or other and since I’ve been drawing at this level.

house 001

I did the one below on my first Sketchcrawl by Big Dummy. It was only a short crawl, or is that ride – sketchride, and I was so happy I took a photo to send to my wife.

house 002

 01jun2010 005

house 004

Sketching Progress (2 June 2010)

3 thoughts on “Sketching Progress (2 June 2010)

  1. zusykses says:

    Did you have any prior drawing experience? These are pretty good!

    There’s a 3D sculpting tool called Sculptris that I think you’d get a kick out of:

    Basically you mold something in 3D as if it were clay. If you’ve got a stylus and tablet, it’s a bit like drawing in 3D.

    1. Experience? I guess so. I took art and graphics electives in high school – which was twenty years ago. In my high school years I was very fond of drawing maps, building layouts, building exterirors and landscapes for RPG’s. Some of my recent RPG related drawing is at I also did drafting and AutoCAD in 2001 at TAFE when I studied some Fabrication Engineering. Recently I’ve been working my way through some books on figure drawing including the Dummies guide.

      What inspired me to do these recent landscapes was some squidoo pages by the user “Edition Handdruck”:
      Drawing with a Pen
      Sketching Gear

      I’ve always loved the black scratchy sketch style – particularly with ink. Seeing those pages made me realise how much I like that style and I gave it a try. The results were surprising so I kept going.

      Good to get some more positive feedback. 🙂

      I will bookmark sculptris for a later date. 3D is not on my list at the moment but it may get back on there.

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