Bilbo is Blogilo

Looking for good quality app’s for blogging on Linux is a rabbit-trail. I found Bilbo which is also called Blogilo. They are the same product; which was a bit confusing for me at first. But it became apparent when I was searching to figure out where it was installed on the machine. The normal commands didn’t yield anything.


yum provides bilbo

cd /usr/sbin/b*

Found, though, it was.

This is my first post with it and so far the interface is pretty nice.

Below is a picture of some good headbands my wife and I purchased (but that’s not us in the photo).

Drag & drop produced a link. Next attempt is to drag direct to "Post Preview".

That didn’t work but I could get the link happening again.

Well: Blogilo/Bilbo is not as user-friendly as "Live Writer" but it’s better than some other windows blog app’s I’ve tried.

Bilbo is Blogilo

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