What if we just stopped?

What would happen if we all just stopped? None of us went to work. No one mowed the lawn. Not a single person bought anything from a shop. Even for just two weeks.

What would happen?

I think it would cause a major breakdown in what we call ‘consumer society’. It would also show everyone how much power they actually have in life. It is more about people than it is about governments, banks, armies, police, utilities, and all the other little tribal gangs that have a perceived power over our lives. Power that we all give away without much thought.

I’m not advocating anyone do this, but if you can convince a thousand people to do so I’ll be impressed, but I’m advocating that people think about the ramifications of what would happen if they did just stop. Make it a dinner party conversation or even a game. See who can come up with the most scenarios of what would happen if people just didn’t support formalised society and commerce for two weeks. Make it a roleplay or a Jeffrey Robertson hypothetical. Have fun with the idea.

I think it will blow your mind.

What if we just stopped?

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