My Big 15

It’s a common meme in the RPG blogosphere so I’ll bah-bah and join in.

  1. Dragon Warriors. I cut my RPG teeth on this game so my early RPG memories have no DnD in them.
  2. Tunnels & Trolls. After I got this book I started meshing it with DW but didn’t really know what I was doing.
  3. Twilight 2000. I bought it on recommendation. It took ages to save up for the boxed set. Then played it once and no-one ever wanted to play it again. I ended up using the great equipment lists in other games.
  4. Rolemaster. This became the medieval fantasy staple ruleset, heavily modified and much of it ignored, for many years of high-school gaming. The spell lists and critical strike tables still stay with me. Khara Thel grew out of the world that I GM’d with Rolemaster.
  5. Muties. This was a years of homebrewing TMNT: Roadhogs into something entirely different. We incorporated Ninjas & Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, Villains Unlimited and most of the other TMNT supplements. When the space supplement, Mutants in Orbit, came out it started morphing even further.
  6. Battlelords of the 23rd Century. In an odd synchronicity Muties was turning into Battlelords but without the aliens. Loads of gear and body armour. This took over Muties completely. We played into my late twenties.
  7. Shadowrun. Most of my SR experience was through a MUSH. The Shadowrun Detroit MUSH. It was an education in online gaming but had some moments.
  8. Morrowind. Sandbox on the computer and beautiful at that. I greatly enjoyed exploring the vast wastes and wilds of Morrowind.
  9. SLA Industries. The great setting that never really took off. I still love the production.
  10. Warhammer FRP. 1st edition. I bought this book then sold it to a mate. We played a lot and I had incredibly good luck with my character Wulf Nikenhausen starting as a Labourer with a club. In fact I has such incredible luck with rolling damage for the club that the GM called it the club of death. I bought the Hogshead book and a few supplements in a clearance sale for $20. Still love the artwork and want to use it for Khara Thel.
  11. STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. Atmospheric shooter with survival and horror elements.
  12. Oblivion. Morrowind taken up an order of magnitude. Even with the magic item creation nerfed a bit. I’m such a fan I even like the soundtrack.
  13. The Riddle of Steel. The greatest game I’ve never played. The incredibly crunchy combat system really digs into the details of sword fighting and the Spiritual Attributes are a great way to reward roleplaying with game-mechanic bonuses.
  14. Diablo II. I put off playing it for years then when I finally did it was great fun. With the magic success chance of 57-75% it worked very nicely.
  15. STALKER: Call of Pripyat. I loved this one so much I wrote a journal about it.
My Big 15

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