Ultimate Bicycle Light?

After poking around Supernova’s website trying to find out about their dynamo lights and if they are adjustable in output I see a light listed as the Ultimate. Supernova’s X7 Ultimate. It costs 999 Euro and somewhat surprised I checked its specifications, which you can do with the link below.

Supernova X7 Ultimate: 2100 Lumens! Are you kidding me?

I suppose on a moonless night in the arctic wastes during deep winter one might need that much light to avoid hibernating polar bears. Other than that how is that much light necessary? I imagine the amount of throw-back, or reflection, would be close to 1000 lumens which is utterly blinding at night.

At almost one thousand Euro I can’t see many people purchasing this HID/Xenon combination darkness shattering beast of a light. Still, it might be fun as a studio light replacement that one can fit in a satchel.

Ultimate Bicycle Light?

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