Essence of Gun Control

The essence of the gun control debate is this.

Protectionist vs. Freedom-lover
P – No-one needs guns.
F – How can we defend ourselves against violent criminals?
P – The police will defend you.
F – With guns?
P – Yes, only the police and the military need guns.
F – So some people need guns. Are there violent criminals in the police or military?
P – Well… no, I’m sure they’re screened out.
F – Why isn’t this screening process used over the entire population?
P – Umm.. you can’t.
F – So they’re not screened out. You realise there are situations where the police and army never know there are people they ought to save, and therefore can’t save everyone, right?
P – The army saved the Jews in WW2.
F – It was the German army that was killing them in WW2!
P – Crazy gun-loving redneck racist.. *insane ranting*

Essence of Gun Control

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