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Reworked the priorities of Alaine Langoire de Bussey. Much better this way, I think.Turned out okay in-game, as I joined the group on Tuesday night, and the session went well. Mostly planning but I think the other players will benefit a bit from that. The run is to extract samples and VIP’s from a Doc Wagon storage facility in Tacoma. We’re playing in Seattle. There are plenty of potential complications and my gut says there’s a rival ‘runner team going to show up: whenever the J thinks it’s worth mentioning that you are the only hired team it usually isn’t true.

We have a seemingly workable plan. Thanks to good NPC decker coverage information is being acquired pretty fast. After hours infiltrate the sub-basement pumproom via the sewer/drain system and then work up to the basement level with the objectives. ASAP patch the decker into the Rigger’s network. Hire a Shaman to get a spirit to make a distraction in the gym or cafeteria. If possible abscond with a vehicle from the facility’s garage. Otherwise have a “roadworks crew” at the manhole to move out the objectives. We still need to do more legwork, the old-fashioned kind of talking to people, in case there’s more info to be had but unless that turns up something rather unusual the plan is workable.

Here’s Alaine’s updated “worksheet”.

---[ Alain Langoire De Bussey ]---

Born in Montreal. PhD mother, Post Grad father at University.
Crash + awakenening. Magic at 11 y.o.
Part of formal study of magic. Left CAS for UCAS for economic and political reasons.
Moved into security work (forging wards) including surveillance & investigation.
Mother was killed in metahuman riots.
Father couldn't live in the house any more and moved out to the nice rural properties.
Was baited into a 'run via security work since he was depressed.
Kind of liked the thrill and the pay.
Still did contract Warding.
Forged a bit of a name for himself as a good support mage.
Went on a hellish run and tried to sacrifice himself with an overcasting.
Resulted in searing his stomach muscle tissue and burning his right eye.
Unctious Pilot dragged Alain out of that run and helped pay for his medical care.
Now trying to find the money to get a power focus & then initiation.
Cautious of being wounded because any further essence loss means magic rating loss.

Clothing style: High fashion
Hair style: Buzzcut, natural hair colour - sandy brown

Likes: Personal electronics
Parents: middle-class academics
One parent dead (mother) - died in metahuman riots
no siblings
College (MIT)
Age; happenings
17; Wins, eq val 1100
18; -
19; losses, enemies (male, gov official, killed/injured his wife, Local Councillor Bob Graham)
20; wins, eq val 500
21; friends (female, like a teacher/student, "Unctious Pilot")
22; friends (female, college, "Gelly" Giselle de Winter)
23; losses, accident/fragged up run 2000 med-costs, lose pt of strength

--------[Character Sheet]---------
Full Mage: A
Resources: 400,000
Attributes: 24
Skills:  30
Human: E

Attributes (24)
Body, 2 [4]
Quickness, 4
Strength, 1 (0) [2] {Max: 5}
Charisma, 6
Intelligence, 6
Willpower, 5
_Essence; 6
_Magic; 6
_Reaction; 5

Skills (Active: 30)
Conjuring, Int, 6
Sorcery, Int, 6
Aura Reading, Int, 4
Computer, Int, 3
Pistols, Qu, 4
Stealth, Qu, 3
Etiquette, Cha, 2
Athletics, 2

Skills (Language: 9)
English 5
Netspeak 4

Skills (Knowledge: 30)
Matrix, magic knowledge, 2
Crime Org's, 3
Safe houses, 3
Hermetic orders, 4
Paranormal animals, 5
Magic, 5
Corp procedures, 3
Security procedures, 3
70's music & gear, 2

Resources             398430/400,000
Mr Fox (Mr. J)    1    free    
Gelly, Giselle de Winter (street shaman)    1    free    
Michelangelo (decker)    1        5000
Unctious Pilot (Hermetic order leader)    2        10,000
Sir Blackheart (Smuggler/talismonger)    2        10,000
Lifestyle    Mths        
Low (safehouse)    1    1000    1000
High    3    10000    30000
Squatter (safehouse)    2    100    200
Spells    Force    Spell Points    
Combat Sense    1    1    
Physical mask    5    5    
Mind Probe, ex    5    3    
Stealth, ex    3    1    
Control Actions, f.    6    5    
Physical barrier, f.    3    2    
Magic fingers    1    1    
Stunball, f.    3    2    
Lightning-bolt, f.    6    5    
Increase Reflexes +3    1    (1 purchased)    25,000
Treat    2    (2 purchased)    50,000
Magical Gear    Force/rtg        
Fetishes (for spells above)        Amt: 4    1200
Summoning materials    5    Amt: 2    10,000
Hermetic Library - Sorcery    6        36,000
Hermetic Library - Conjuring    6        36,000
Sustaining Focus - Increased Reflexes +3 - bonded (15,000 + 25,000 to bond)    1        15,000
:Bonding cost            25,000
Sustaining Focus - magic fingers    1        15000
:Bonding cost            25,000
Summoning materials    6    Amt: 1    6000
Armor Jacket (long coat style)        5b/3i    900
Ares Viper Slivergun    Hvy Pistol    sil, BF, SL    1200
6 magazines, 30rds    flechette    9S(f)    1800
    fl BF    12D(f)    
2 magazines, 30rds    Regular    9M    120
    Reg. BF    12S    
Defiance super shock, taser    Hvy Pistol    10S(stun)    1000
5 magazines, ea. 4 taser-darts            100
Offensive AP, grenade    20    10D(f)    600
Concussion, grenade    20    10S(stun)    600
PocSec            2000
Binoculars            100
Smartgoggles (r1, Lowlight, Thermo)            5000
Jammer (r-6)            6000
WNG (r-4)            6000
Pocket flashlight            10
After injury from overcasting on a fragged run            
Mascle Aug.     2    BI 0.8    40,000
Dermal sheath    1    Ess -0.7    24,000
Datajack        Ess -0.1    1000
Cyber eye (Sony Hazelwood)        Ess -0.2    5000
:Flare comp (Ess -0.1)            2000
Protective covers: Neon-blue, mirrored            600

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