Uni Ball Insight 0.7mm Orange

A great rollerball with very nice smooth writing flow. Ink is legible on white, no mean feat for an orange inked pen, and it leaves a lovely line width. It contrasts well against a good black ink like the Smoothie 1.0mm from Bic. It is light without losing control and has an accurate feel. Like many pens it is better balanced with the cap posted and I found it much more preferable to write like this, yet without the posted cap it was still usable just a little more twitchy. I prefer heavier pens, though, so caveat emptor on that description.

The paper in the sample is a cheap diary from Aldi, cost $2, yet no bleed through. You can make out some lateral feathering from the paper grain in the high-res photo (click on it below) however I did not notice it before viewing the digital image.
Cons: cap leaves a gap between pen body and edge. No contours on the grip part of the barrel.
9/10 – overall a good budget pen.
$2.67 from Officeworks.

Uniball Insight Orange 0.7mm rollerball
Uniball Insight Orange 0.7mm rollerball
Uni Ball Insight 0.7mm Orange

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