Edge Chronicles

I’d stumbled across the creators’ blog, http://www.weirdnewworlds.com/blog/ and immediately fell in love with the artwork. It evoked the illustrations from Warlock of Firetop Mountain, first of the Fighting Fantasy series, by the master Russ Nicholson. Whilst at the library I caught sight of the books and thought, “It may be a bit young for me but I will read it anyway.”

I’ve not regretted that decision. In fact I love the lack of angst in the younger fiction and the stronger moral imperatives of the protagonists. Adult fiction seems to get hung up on the shades of grey and suffering in lieu of unfulfilled base-desires. It is so refreshing to have characters you are following in the narrative who are actually nice – not just nice while it suits them.

Should I afford it I would love to commission Riddell for the artwork to Grimsparrow and Mungbean. He could absolutely nail the style I desire.

Edge Chronicles

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