Using OwnCloud for Writing

With the cloud becoming more prevalent as with the increase in data-surveillance it is no surprise people want more privacy and protection of their data. For me this is using a hosted service via OwnCloud to store my drafts and in-progress writing works. Clients are available for Windows, Linux, Android and iPhone. Using OwnCloud is like using Dropbox yet with the peace-of-mind that the data is hosted where you choose it to be and under your complete administration.

My writing workflow is to have a draft document of the work and a text file of the structure/plan. The latter is outline of the work and what sequence of events it contains, as well including details of names, ages, places, and other details that are important but easy for me to forget. Having it accessible over the cloud allows me to update the work whenever I feel like it. This convenience is a great boon, in my estimation, for any writer who also works a full-time job that is not writing their next work.

Using OwnCloud for Writing

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