Recovering from Injuries – part 3

New maximum of 6 chin-ups. Decided against a power tower because don’t have enough room and have ordered a doorway chin up bar. Have had a niggling pain in the shoulder so had to back off and missed goals for the month of September. I really don’t want to have to do another 6 months or more of physiotherapy.

Pushups were likewise stymied so I’ve focused on intensity instead of reps with the method: down slow, count 2, up; for each rep. This is helping and I’d say it’s probably better than just chasing high rep-count for me.

Recovering from Injuries – part 3

Recovering from Injuries – part 2

Recovering from rotator-cuff tendon injuries I’m working on strength through basic body-weight exercises. At this stage just push-ups and chin-ups.

What’s the difference between a chin-up and a pull-up? Is it just hand-grip? I do them knuckles towards my chin and close-grip – hands only two hand-widths apart.

Progress since last post. These are my new maximums.
Push-ups: 20
Chin-ups: 4

This is quite disappointing since I’ve previously been up to 105 push-ups and 18 chin-ups. In 5 weeks I have quite a way to go and if I fail then I will keep going anyway until it is achieved. It may not mean much to you if you are already in decent shape yet to me it is proving that I have recovered and can become strong again.

What about cardio, you might think? I still cycle 50kms a week so my cardio is better than the average office-potato. Still, it can be improved and that is on the cards once I’m sure my shoulder is recovered and strong again. I do have a persistent knee problem and even cycling can aggravate it so another injury that prevents fitness. Persistent effort over time and diligent recovery will overcome these issues.

When the chin-ups are achieved I will purchase a power-tower, dip-belt, and move to weighted chin-ups and add L-sit dips to the routine. My son will love the power tower, too.

Recovering from Injuries – part 2