Troll Build

Completing the Troll build was great. I rode it without bar grips or tape for a few days then taped up the Velo Orange Crazy Bars with Lizard skin 3.2mm tape. Nice.

Riding it for a month or two I realised some shortcomings of the Rohloff; much to my chagrin. I really wanted the Rohloff to be bicycle perfection. It’s not. Sensitive to chain tension and axle position makes it annoying in terms of chain leaping off when racing over bumpy ground. This eventually resolved after the paint wore off the dropouts enough that the quick release had more friction underneath so that it stopped being pulled forward on the drive side because of take-off torque.

Then the fitness increase came and I was hitting that point where the effort to ride >25kph all the time was no longer bothersome and you get a flying feeling. That is until you crash and break your clavicle. 28mm of separation and a hook plate later I’m 6 weeks off the bike and missing it every day.

Troll Build

Recovering from Injuries – part 3

New maximum of 6 chin-ups. Decided against a power tower because don’t have enough room and have ordered a doorway chin up bar. Have had a niggling pain in the shoulder so had to back off and missed goals for the month of September. I really don’t want to have to do another 6 months or more of physiotherapy.

Pushups were likewise stymied so I’ve focused on intensity instead of reps with the method: down slow, count 2, up; for each rep. This is helping and I’d say it’s probably better than just chasing high rep-count for me.

Recovering from Injuries – part 3

Recovering from Injuries – part 2

Recovering from rotator-cuff tendon injuries I’m working on strength through basic body-weight exercises. At this stage just push-ups and chin-ups.

What’s the difference between a chin-up and a pull-up? Is it just hand-grip? I do them knuckles towards my chin and close-grip – hands only two hand-widths apart.

Progress since last post. These are my new maximums.
Push-ups: 20
Chin-ups: 4

This is quite disappointing since I’ve previously been up to 105 push-ups and 18 chin-ups. In 5 weeks I have quite a way to go and if I fail then I will keep going anyway until it is achieved. It may not mean much to you if you are already in decent shape yet to me it is proving that I have recovered and can become strong again.

What about cardio, you might think? I still cycle 50kms a week so my cardio is better than the average office-potato. Still, it can be improved and that is on the cards once I’m sure my shoulder is recovered and strong again. I do have a persistent knee problem and even cycling can aggravate it so another injury that prevents fitness. Persistent effort over time and diligent recovery will overcome these issues.

When the chin-ups are achieved I will purchase a power-tower, dip-belt, and move to weighted chin-ups and add L-sit dips to the routine. My son will love the power tower, too.

Recovering from Injuries – part 2