Stealth Belt Drive: Spot Ajax Belt

This showed up when I did my monthly search for belt drive gear hub bikes.

A very nice looking 7005 aluminium belt drive commuter/urban bike with carbon disc-brake forks. The Spot website even claims enough bidons/mounting-points for fenders AND racks. This I have to see.

Spot Ajax Belt on Spot’s website

Unfortunately it seems to be a new release (2011) and I’ve not seen any of them guarded and racked up in slick urban bike goodness.

My only gripe is the rather Hipster-ish moustachio handle bars. The option for drop bars with Versa or Essex brifters would be very nice. It’d look quite nice with Thickslicks on those rims, too.

Hey Spot Bikes: send me one for review in Melbourne, Australia. I take my bikes on trains with hundreds of people on-board that have nothing to do but play with their phones. If it’s better than the Cannondale Bad Boy 8 I’ll upgrade!


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Stealth Belt Drive: Spot Ajax Belt

Bike Dreams

Securing a contract has  me dreaming of a new bike. It would start off like this but have a Rohloff internal gear hub added in. I think it’d be damned sexy and run like a dream.


However, I’d have to drop about $6,500 to get it done. Not money I have for such a dream.

So the next best thing comes to mind. A lugged cro-mo steel frame, modified for belt drive, with disc-brakes and lots of bidons for guards, racks, and such. Something like the Americano Rohloff, below, but with a nice Rivendell style lugged frame & trekking bars.


What is a minor bummer, the Rohloff shifter only comes in twist type – like a Nexus. I’d much rather a rapid-fire type shifter like the Alfine and almost all the Shimano mountain-bike stuff.

Guess this will all stay a dream for some time.

Bike Dreams

Alfine 11-speed, disc brakes and belt drive

The article linked below mentions a bike that seems to be a limited/custom built in Portland, Oregon (USA). A place my sister-in-law just returned from with a few nice cycling related gifts.

Tour on this: Proletariat with Gates belt drive Nuvinci n360 or Alfine 11.

Essentially it is a super-commuter/tourer with belt-drive 11-speed Alfine gear hub with disc brakes. Which is what I’d like to replace the Bad Boy 8. There’s nothing specifically wrong with the Bad Boy 8. I’d prefer to not have a chain to keep lubricated and clean. Since modification of the Bad Boy aluminium frame is not a very clever option I would rather replace the bike with what I prefer.

Alfine 11-speed, disc brakes and belt drive