Everything is Personal

If you’re a person then everything that occurs toward you is personal. Why? Simply for the reason that it is ‘of your person’, which makes it personal. I know there’s a meme that has infected most minds that a lot of what you encounter in life should not be ‘taken personally’. I think this is a terrible mistake. It gives implicit permission not to treat others, or yourself be treated, as a person.

It would be such a better place for all persons to be treated personally ALL THE TIME.

When you’re next asked not to take something personally you’re really being asked not to get upset about it, not to react, not to make amends, not to take revenge, not to argue, not to stand up for your rights, and most certainly not to realise that you are being dehumanised.

Everything is Personal

Bilbo is Blogilo

Looking for good quality app’s for blogging on Linux is a rabbit-trail. I found Bilbo which is also called Blogilo. They are the same product; which was a bit confusing for me at first. But it became apparent when I was searching to figure out where it was installed on the machine. The normal commands didn’t yield anything.


yum provides bilbo

cd /usr/sbin/b*

Found, though, it was.

This is my first post with it and so far the interface is pretty nice.

Below is a picture of some good headbands my wife and I purchased (but that’s not us in the photo).

Drag & drop produced a link. Next attempt is to drag direct to "Post Preview".


That didn’t work but I could get the link happening again.

Well: Blogilo/Bilbo is not as user-friendly as "Live Writer" but it’s better than some other windows blog app’s I’ve tried.

Bilbo is Blogilo