Battlelords RPG Material

Battlelords of the 23rd Century. When I first saw that title I thought it was a spoof of RPGs. I opened up the book and had a flick through. The line art by Mike Osadiwc was awesome and really captured my imagination. I bought the book with a view to gifting it to a budding artist friend of mine. On the train and once I was home I read the book cover to cover and thought, “This is actually a viable and potentially exciting game”. The escalation of gear power would suit my group at the time and the idea of performing combat missions was what they generally liked – and so did I. The rest is happy history.

Since that time I’ve developed and written quite a few ideas for the game. My largest effort is the Draco Illustrated Galaxy Guide. Modelled after ODS/SSDC (the publishers of Battlelords) own “No Mans Land” space atlas I have over 80 pages of worlds and plot-hooks.

Draco Illustrated Galaxy Guide

One of the key features of Battlelords is gear: loads and loads and loads of it. Particularly weapons and armour. I’m a gear-fan-boy so I added more. You can rarely have too many options.

Draco Illustrated Weapons

Draco Armour

And finally a character sheet.

Battlelords Character Sheet v0.1

All the files, save the character sheet, are available on the Yahoo Battlelords group in the Draco folder. So sign up and play with them.

If you like my writing and want to read some fiction in the vein of medieval fantasy adventure look at my free book draft “Bounty for the Taking“.

Battlelords RPG Material