Troll Build Notes and Jokes pt. 1

I bought a Surly Troll in Pea-Lime Soup green colour and am building it up to be a Trohloff; that is, a Troll with a Rohloff. It’s been a funny and frustrating process so far.

First, I assumed I didn’t have disc rotor bolts for the front rotor and went to buy a pack from the local bike shop. Tore open the rotor packet and there were six shiny silver disc rotor bolts. Ah well, I wanted black anyway. At least it was only $6 for the bolts. Although that was an annoying process. They originally said 50 cents each; $3.

Next, I’d previously assumed, for some weird reason, that I had a 203mm rotor. It was a 185mm that I purchased and a 200mm rotor that I got in the pack of stuff second-hand with the Rohloff.

So I went to put the 185mm rotor on the Rohloff because that is what the Big Dummy is currently set up for. The axle plate screws were in so tight I stripped out two heads of T20 torx M4 screws. Bugger.

Next purchase was a Sutton Easy Out. This ought to do it. Nope; it snapped after I cautiously and patiently drilled the hole into the M4 screw – there’s not much room to do that without error and by hand-held cordless drill. On top of that I hoped to use my Ryobi One+ Impact driver. The Easy Out doesn’t fit its chuck.

So I bought a set of Speed Out bits. They were useless as well, but at least they didn’t snap. Also they didn’t fit the Ryobi One+ Impact driver.

Thankfully a good friend was a fitter and turner and I asked him about solutions. Impact screwdriver. A hammer driven screwdriver. I was worried the Rohloff Speedhub would be fragile in the threads but reluctantly went ahead. That was my last chance before I’d have to take it 35kms to Commuter Cycles. I’d already spoken to Huw about it and he was happy to give it a cracking good try. My friend was a lot closer at only 8kms. The impact screwdriver worked. One of the axle plate screws was a hex head, and only 2.5mm, so tiny noodle-like piece of steel. That one sheared off and then the axle plate was loose since it was the last screw meaning all tension was removed. It was easy to twist the sheared screw out as well (no more tension).

Happy that the axle plate was off I gingerly removed the little plate of steel and took off the ex-mech box. Underneath the paper gasket was torn. I thought if I don’t mess with it then it will just tighten back up with the new screws and be fine. Well, to get the new screws I had a choice. 6 axle plate screws for 2.99 pounds or 6 axe plate screws with paper gaskets for 2.99 pounds. I chose the latter and then the axle plate was remounted. Not wanting to over tighten them I left them loose until I could get my hands on a torque wrench. So of course the hub started to leak. I had not tightened the axle plate so the gaskets weren’t doing anything except absorbing a bit of Rohloff Speedhub oil. Hand tightened them so they were cinched up but not cranked hard. The leak was sorted; oh, and I had the 185mm rotor mounted.

That leads to the next part of the funny story. Since I thought I had a 203mm rotor I went ahead and ordered two 203mm IS to PM adapters thinking I could fit the Rohloff between the Troll and the Big Dummy; not having to purchase two Rohloff hubs (yikes)! Well, that turned out to be wrong. I did not have a 203mm rotor at all. I had a 185mm and a 200mm rotor I completely forgot I had at all. Plus the 160mm rotor that was on it but I had already changed that.

The rear of the Troll uses a 55mm spaced IS disc brake type mounting arrangement in the dropout. The supplied Surly IS to PM adapter only handles 160mm rotors. I was stuck with two 203mm adapters coming in the mail. Was it going to fit? Will I have to change the rotor back to the 160mm?

Eventually the adapters arrived and in the time before I figured, “You know what, the 203mm might just work with a 185mm rotor on this weird 55mm spacing.” I was right! It fitted just fine and has no rub at all. Easy, perfect, rear wheel disc fit and brake alignment. So 203mm standard rear adapters will let you put a 185mm rotor, with plenty of room, on a Surly Troll; which also means on a Surly Ogre.

Only waste has been $6 in disc rotor bolts, $15 for the Easy Out, $5 for the Speed Outs (but they might work on wood screws), and $3.50 for the extra 203mm rear disc adapter. Not quite as bad as it sounds in the above roller coaster of errors.

Now with the front rotor it half rubs and half clears, but that will be part of further tales of Erring-do and Dashing Assumption.

Troll Build Notes and Jokes pt. 1