Game design and player agency

Player agency, the ability to execute will, is key to game experiences. When a game forces something upon you, particularly something you can reasonably expect to be easily rid of, then it lessens the experience.

Some examples:
If you are forced to keep a bag of bait that you never want to use then it constantly gets in the way via your user-interface (UI). So a good game would allow the player to drop all pieces of the inventory. Removing gear ought not be done via standard play mode, eg. first-person shooting view. It is better done through an inventory screen so it’s not accidentally done in combat.

Control is agency

Automatic use of cover. I understand that this is a console gaming issue mostly but considering how console-ports retain this feature on PC it seems pertinent. Just put in the lean keys and let the player use cover.

Backpacks that you cannot drop. This is an old one. Sure you might lose your entire inventory yet it’s what soldiers do if they’re ambushed. Backpack can get you killed if it slows you down.

Unavailable items that show up all over fallen foes yet are not lootable. You’d just take it off the fallen and fix it, or cobble it together from the other fallen that have the same gear.

Over riding animations, uninterruptable effects, can sometimes be in games specifically to prevent player agency. A stun effect doesn’t need to lock out control when it could make your vision monochromatic and randomly skew your control sensitivity for a time.

There are methods to put in effects without removing player agency. Designers take heed.

Game design and player agency

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Making a new character to join an existing Shadowrun 3rd Edition campaign. The concept is loosely based on first edition’s Burned Out Mage. This one is not so burned out, though. However, he is on the edge of really getting low in magic.

Here’s a draft sheet:

—[ Alain Langoire De Bussey ]—

Born in Montreal. PhD mother, Post Grad father at University.
Crash + awakenening. Magic at 11 y.o.
Part of formal study of magic. Left CAS for UCAS for economic and political reasons.
Moved into security work (forging wards) including surveillance & investigation.
Mother was killed in metahuman riots.
Father couldn’t live in the house any more and moved out to the nice rural properties.
Was baited into a ‘run via security work since he was depressed.
Kind of liked the thrill and the pay.
Still did contract Warding.
Forged a bit of a name for himself as a good support mage.
Went on a hellish run and tried to sacrifice himself with an overcasting.
Resulted in searing his stomach muscle tissue and burning his right eye.
Unctious Pilot dragged Alain out of that run and helped pay for his medical care.
Still owes Pilot money (she’s a bit merc).
Now trying to find the money to get a power focus & then initiation.
Cautious of being wounded because any further essence loss means magic rating loss.

Clothing style: High fashion
Hair style: Buzzcut, natural hair colour – sandy brown

Likes: Personal electronics
Parents: middle-class academics
One parent dead (mother) – died in metahuman riots
no siblings
College (MIT)
Age; happenings
17; Wins, eq val 1100
18; –
19; losses, enemies (male, gov official, killed/injured his wife, Local Councillor Bob Graham)
20; wins, eq val 500
21; friends (female, like a teacher/student, "Unctious Pilot")
22; friends (female, college, "Gelly" Giselle de Winter)
23; losses, accident/fragged up run 2000 med-costs, lose pt of strength

——–[Character Sheet]———
Full Mage: A
Skills: B (40)
Resources: C (90K)
Attributes: D (21)
Human: E

Attributes (21)
Body, 2 [4]
Quickness, 4
Strength, 1 (0) [2] {Max: 5}
Charisma, 3
Intelligence, 6
Willpower, 5
_Essence; 6
_Magic; 6
_Reaction; 5

Skills (Active: 40)
Conjuring, Int, 5
Sorcery, Int, 5
Aura Reading, Int, 4
Computer, Int, 4
Electronics, Int, 1
Pistols, Qu, 4
Stealth, Qu, 4
Etiquette, Cha, 3
Negotiation, Cha, 3
Interrogation, Cha, 3
Car, Rea, 2
Athletics, 2

Skills (Language: 9)

Skills (Knowledge: 30)
Matrix, magic knowledge, 2
Crime Org’s, 3
Safe houses, 3
Hermetic orders, 4
Paranormal animals, 5
Magic, 5
Corp’s, 3
Security procedures, 3
70’s music & gear, 2

Resources (78,570/90K):
  Lifestyle (10,500):
    Squatter (safehouse), 5 months
    Low, 5 months
  Contacts (20K):
    ‘Mr. Fox’ (Fixer), free
    ‘Gelly’ (Street shaman), 1  {Giselle De Winter, Dutch, Bay area shaman}
    ‘Michelangelo’ (Decker), 1 {Likely a mage}
    ‘Unctious Pilot’ (Hermetic order leader), 1
    ‘Sir Blackheart’, (Smuggler/talismonger), 1
  Spells (25 spell pts):
  {Limited: Fetish, -1, req’ fetish to cast; Exclusive, -2, req’ exclusive action to cast}
    Name, force (spell point cost)
    Combat sense, 1 (adds 1 combat pool per 2 SM)
    Physical mask, 5
    Mind Probe, 3 ex (1)
    Stealth, 3 ex (1)
    Control Actions, 6 f. {pocket watch, jewellery charm} (5)
    Increase Attribute (Intelligence), 3 ex (1)
    Phys barrier, 3 f. {tower qv. chess piece, jewellery charm} (2)
    Armor, 3 f. {flattened bullet, necklace piece} (2)
    Levitate, 1
    Magic fingers, 1
    Stunball, 3 ex (1)
    Lightning-bolt, 6 ex (4)
  Magical gear:
    Fetishes: 900
    Summoning materials: 10 force points worth (10,000)
    Binoculars (100)
    Goggles (lowlight + thermal) (2,700)
    Jammer, rtg. 6 (6,000)
    WNG, rtg. 4 (6,000)
    PocSec (1000)
    DocWagon contract, basic (5,000)
    Pocket torch (10)
    Ares Viper (600) fl. ammo, 180rds (1800), Regular 60rds (120) in mag’s.
    Armor Jacket (long coat) 5/3 conc. 6 (900)
    Grenades (30ea)
    Offensive AP, 6
    Concussion, 6

After injury from overcasting on a fragged run
    Muscle Augmentation, rtg. 2 (BI 0.8) 40,000
    Dermal sheath, rtg 1 (Ess -0.7) 24,000 [Body +2, Impact +1] {M&M pg. 28}
    Datajack (Ess -0.1) 1000
    Cyber-eye, Sony Hazelwood (replacement w/Flare Comp + Image (Ess -0.2) 7000
    Eye-covers (both): metallic neon blue, 100
    Total debt: 72,100
    Paid: 22,400
    Plus: 11,000 (out of starting resources)
    Owed: 38,700

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