Boutique Beer: White Shield


William Worthington’s White Shield is an India Pale Ale. It is labelled as a “Defiant survivor of 1820’s IPA traditions…”

IMG_0802It is a defiant beer. IPA have become quite hop driven but this IPA is not really so flowery or sweet. It has a slight bitterness but that mostly comes from the in-bottle conditioning and the head. It was a tight foam with a feisty scent. I had to scoop the head off the ale as its odour was too much for me. Once done I found the White Shield a very fine drop and heartily recommend it. This IPA can be shelved and will continue to improve for up to three years.


Remember: don’t tip the last drops into your glass – this is bottle conditioned. The sediments are the dead yeast cells and other bits you don’t really want to drink.

Runjikol’s Score: good & recommended.

Boutique Beer: White Shield